Thank you for your interest in Edco. Through our partnership with the NSDA, we have been successful in making speech and debate teams' fundraising experience seamless and effective.

In the first two years of our partnership we have helped more than 80 teams raise more than $200,000 in donations. We would love to help your team reach its goals as well. Edco frees up your time so you can focus on other things rather than the daunting task of raising funds. “Edco is a vehicle to help kids raise the money they don’t have so they can have the opportunity to compete in Nationals. That’s not only a great service, but a great opportunity,” says David Huston, NSDA Board of Directors.

PLUS: While funds last, NSDA teams can earn up to $200 in Power Grants sponsored by Stax- a global strategy-consulting firm. Each of the following items earns your team a $50 Power Grant!

1. Raise $250
2. Email 50 unique and valid contacts on Edco
3. Secure $150 in business sponsorships on Edco
4. Get press attention that mentions both Edco and Stax  (email us a link to press)

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